Worlds Leading Construction and Infrastructure Development of Balfour Beatty

The analysis of Michel Porter’s five forces helps to increase the market value of the firm. These five forces would enable the company to have the insight of the competitors, and how the suppliers and rivals would affect Balfour Beatty to establish itself in Turkey’s infrastructure development industry.There is intense competition in the infrastructure development industry of Turkey. The customers of infrastructure development industry in Turkey especially the elite class are highly conscious about the quality of infrastructure provided to them and the risks involved within. Therefore. a number of infrastructure development companies are competing in the industry to provide better services to the customers. Although these rivals have a significant market share in the industry, Balfour Beatty has the potential to become one of the finest infrastructure providers all around Turkey due to their remarkable performance in the United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates and other prominent countries of the world. It has created a market niche by providing product differentiation to its users. It is also using a low medium pricing strategy, which would help the company to compete easily in Turkey’s infrastructure development industry.A number of international infrastructure development companies are entering in Turkey, as a huge potential has been seen in this country and the economic development in recent years has been phenomenal. These new entrants possess a lot of potentials to become a threat to the local infrastructure development companies as they have an established name in foreign markets. Balfour Beatty already has established brand loyalty throughout the countries in which operates. These all factors depict a positive aspect and will help to lessen the entry barriers for the company to launch its operational activities in Turkey.

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