Working as a Nurse in the Australian Health Care System

In simple terms, principle of wellness is the general integration of mental, physical and spiritual well-being of an individual.My role in the primary care setting generally differs from my role in the acute care set up. The difference generally lies in the health care set up. In primary health care setting, as the provider of the health care, I always act as a first contact within the health care system. In most cases, I coordinate other specialist care directly to the patient (Maruish, 2000). On the other hand, in acute care setting, most of patient’s health care is done in short term. In most cases, the care is urgent. In some cases, the patient is required to stay in the emergency department unlike primary care setting which is continuous.2. Mr Alexopoulos, is 88 years old who has migrated from Greece and lives alone. He speaks very basic English only. In the past year he has fallen twice at home, once by tripping over a rug and once when he got up to go to the bathroom at night. He has become increasingly afraid of falling again and tends to restrict his activities in the home. He goes out only when accompanied by his son.a. In the information provided, outline the data the nurse would use to complete a risk assessment for Mr Alexopoulos (include biopsychosocial and cultural health care considerations in relation to implementing primary health care).Mr. Alexopoulos case shows the extent at which he requires primary health care. In as much as Alexopoulos is currently fine, he still has the mentality that he will fall again and therefore, he restricts movements in and outside the house. As part of the primary health care, bio psychosocial model approach and the cultural health care settings best suit this type of situation especially when it comes to completing the risk assessment of Alexopoulos.In using the biological psychological model in this case, the nurses will generally assess Alexopoulos behaviors, thoughts and

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