Women can be better leaders than men

During all centuries it has been considered that men are those who win in this unequal battle. I strongly believe that it happens due to the fact that we have been living in the patriarchal society. It can be explained by the fact that up to the 20th century the most important thing both in the life of individual and in life of the whole countries was physical force. The world lived in the state of permanent wartime – the weapon emplacements appeared in the whole world, every time in different places. And the only thing that could contribute to the result of war was men force. Since ancient times men were chosen to be leaders of societies, tribes, droves and countries.In today’s world that is subordinated not to the physical force but to the intellectual one, women have much more possibilities to show their creativity and potential. More and more women nowadays run the companies or societies, participate in political life and at the same time have those responsibilities of mothers, daughters and sisters.So, the question is Does gender influence the leadership potential and skills? What is the difference in the way a woman or man leads other people in an organization oк society? Do those women who obtained the leading posts have any distinguished qualities of character? Why do they have it when the majority of women prefer to neglect it?Female leaders are more aggressive and convincing, demand strictly the orders to be done and, surprisingly, tend to take greater risks than male do. I would like to notice, that it has always been believed that men are more risky creatures than women are, but according to the latest researchers women are more impulsive and that is why they easily take risk. Scientists claim that women are more flexible in communication but at the same tougher in their demand, they are more sympathetic with the problems of the suppliers and employees. Women demand from the members of the organization

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