Will modern technology such as the Internet ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information

In fact internet has revolutionized human life immensely. Internet provides information at finger tips. Earlier people relied heavily on the published sources such as books, magazines, periodicals newspapers etc for knowing more information. Today, instead of published sources or the written words, people are depending electronic data for collecting information or knowledge. Many people believe that internet may replace books in future whereas many others are of the view that books may succeed in retaining its importance.
Internet has many advantages over published sources or books. It is easy to access any information from internet. Using key words we can locate any information on internet. “One of the most important advantages of the computer over print media is hypertext. Hypertext binds related documents together on a computer or network. With hypertext, highlighted text in a document represents a reference to another document” (Tashian). In other words, it is easy for the reader to know more about a particular topic while surfing in the internet using the option of hypertext. Clicking on the hypertext link will lead the reader towards that particular topic. On the other hand, locating particular information in books is not an easy task. The reader or the researcher needs to read the entire book for collecting the information he wanted.

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