What is the Important Thing in Your Life and What have You Done in Order to Achieve It

As such, I would like to pursue a master’s degree in materials science and engineering, a field of study I am immensely enthusiastic about.
I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering at UCLA. I have acknowledged that the university was successful in inculcating the theoretical frameworks needed to firmly establish concepts for future work applications. The undergraduate degree had provided the building blocks for confirming the interest in materials science as a field of discipline. The courses taken included chemistry, mathematics, physics, as well as engineering sciences. I affirm that the conceptual frameworks provided the knowledge and skills set that assisted in preparing me to apply them in future endeavors.
One of the noted activities that were undertaken was the creation of a Facebook group for Koreans since there was no way to communicate with each other in 2011. The move was considered very effective in terms of enabling the sharing of personal, family, and relationship information over the course of time. Currently, over 2000 people joined the group. The initiative to come up with the design and process to make Facebook accessible to Koreans was acknowledged to be commendable. given the popularity of the social network site. However, cultural and language barriers make access to Facebook in its original English format was deemed to be intimidating to youngsters, who were identified to form the majority portion of Facebook users. Therefore, enabling Facebook to be accessed in the native language with options to tap offered services and applications was considered timely then, and effective to achieve the purpose of social networking.

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