What constitutes a wellwritten paper

Another is working with people who are not team players. As they say, there is always at least one in a group who does less than the others.
Also, very essential to a good paper is impeccable grammar and diction, for these contribute to the intelligibility of a written work. Style is also a big consideration. A good paper must not just be informative-being enjoyable earns points too.

A very important challenge one must take on when writing papers is taking care to cite properly. Whatever the stylebook followed, whether APA or MLA for instance, ideas and quotations must be properly attributed and sources properly cited. This includes accuracy in the authors’ names, the publishing information, and in some cases, the page number of the book. This is important so as to ensure that no cases of plagiarism are incurred.

I have discovered that I, like most people, have problems with grammar accuracy. While this is excusable for no one is perfect, I strive to write papers with good grammar by constantly revising and editing my papers. Each time I read something I have written, I find things that could be improved on. thus, a second, third and fourth look never hurts. Also, the University of Phoenix has resources that have helped me with writing papers. The different eBooks, the online library, various tutorials for writing excellent papers, and the plagiarism checker helps me with making sure that I come close to producing a well-written paper….
As they say, there is always at least one in a group who does less than the others.
But being part of a team isn’t all that bad. For one thing, the workload gets lighter, and in times of trouble, there are people you can count on to help. You also learn how to deal with people better, and how to manage and keep a business-like attitude when needed. Also, it’s a good chance to meet people and make connections. In the professional world, knowing people and more importantly, having friends can go a long way. Therefore, developing a team charter is important.
Q3 After reading the three chapters on decision making and reading the White Paper on the Problem-Solving Approach, what do you find they have in commonWhere are the differencesIs using a problem-solving approach an Eastern or a Western strategy Why
The reading for chapter 6 talks about the difference between the Eastern, and the Western Strategy. Basically, using a problem-solving strategy is an Eastern strategy while creating a new product before your competitors do is the Western strategy. The problem with the latter strategy is that there is very little time given for testing the research and ensuring that all potential problems are addressed-this strategy gambles. An example of this is New Coke. Coca-Cola produced New Coke to compete with Pepsi. The problem with this is that Coca-Cola did minimal research to get their product out so that they could compete. New Coke ended up having a negative effect, and customers stopped buying it because of the unpleasant taste. Coca-Cola took a big financial hit by releasing New Coke. They quickly brought the original Coca-Cola back, but just added the name Classic to reiterate to the customers that it is back to the original product.
The Eastern

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