What are some cause of the Renaissance How did the Renaissance differ from the prior Middle Ages

Various factors caused the beginning of Renaissance. One of the principal causes, which contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance, is the crusades. These crusades included a series of wars organized by Western European Christians. The Christians fought with Muslims in order to recapture Holy Land, which the Muslims occupied (Gundersheimer 67). In addition, after the end of crusades, emerging crusaders brought ancient Greek and Latin texts back, which brought a revived concentration in classical works. Another factor contributing to the start of the Renaissance was the opening of the Mediterranean trade routes in the Italian city states. The opening of the Mediterranean route led to the development of a new merchant class that was remarkably influential. The most popular dynasty of the merchant class was the Medici family. The Medici family remained powerful throughout since they maintained the financial strength of Florence city (Hay 43). This influenced the transformation of individual thinking and allowed Renaissance.New secular hunger for discovering texts caused Renaissance. Monasteries and courts in Europe had repositories of old texts and manuscripts. However, scholars desired a change in classical works. this stimulated massive appraisal of classical works. The desire by artists to discover new texts led to transformation in art work. One of the writers known as Petrarch triggered the Renaissance through writing about how his intention to discover texts had been ignored (Martin 87). Secular readers introduced and developed a taste and a hunger of reading and spreading classical writings. This happened with a renewed strength than the previous years, which led to a total transformation in classical works. Hence, the hunger for discovery of texts led to Renaissance.Reintroduction of classical works also caused Renaissance. Although there were classical

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