Identify Project Need and Scope DefinitionChronic Diseases Community Issues[U1] M  DCOMMENTS: Solid effort, Maria. Unfortunately, this assignment needed a good “once-over” prior to final submission. There were so many concerns – including grammar, punctuation, sentences made no sense, APA style, etc. – noted in just the first two paragraphs that I stopped my review of your assignment at this point. Being that you are in your 11 course in the program, this is problematic, to say the least. Please see my feedback below for details. That being said, you must contact the Academic Success Center (ASC) to work with a writing coach to address these and other notable issues with your writing, else you will have a difficult time from here on out in the program. As always, when you open this document, make sure you go to the toolbar at the top of your screen and click the ‘Review’ link. From there, go to the right, click the dropdown, then click ‘All Markup’ to view all of my feedback (including any Track Changes, highlighted in-text comments, and ‘Comments’ bubbles located in the right-hand margin of the document).Identify Project Need and Scope DefinitionChronic Diseases Community Issues[U2]Chronic illness is human diseases that are persistent or considered to be long-lasting in their effects.[U3]  In the United StatesUSA, particularly the State of Florida State, this is a common health issue[U4] that affects many groups of people. The common public health issues that have been reported over the past 10ten[U5] years includeis the growing cases of obesity, diabetes, asthma, A[U6]arthritis, and cancer (Chapel, Ritchey, Zhang, & Wang et al.[U7], 2017). However, the most rampant diseases that have to bring adverse effects in most communities in the United States and other parts of the world are obesity, asthma, and diabetes.[U8]Chronic diseases are some of the most rampant health issues that affect many communities in Florida State and other areas of the United States.[U9] The problem arises from human living conditions, unlike acute illness, which is considered to occur through supernatural[U10] means. According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention[U11] (CDC), the issue of chronic diseases started to attract the attention of members of the public in early 2000 (Chapel et al., 2017). Cases of Diabetes and obesity have topped the list as many conditions relating to such are reported to be high in many regions in the United States. Since 2005, the United States has been spending a considerable part of its budget to sought chronic disease cases that are currently rampant among the middle and old age Americans.Unlike acute illness, chronic disease cases have rapidly grown over the past ten years. Currently, chronic illness is considered a lifestyle condition because they affect many people both in American communities and in other parts of the world. The issue of chronic diseases has led to an increase in the cost of health services in many countries across the globe. At the moment, governments of different nations across are forced to increase their allocation for health sectors to provide solutions with the rising cases of chronic diseases (Dinh et al., 2016). As such, it is of more importance to discuss this that has governments of different countries across the world to intervene (Reiners et al., 2019). Secondly, chronic diseases issue adversely affect all classes of people regardless of the social classes. For example, people experiencing chronic illness in the United States and the United Kingdom comprises of both low and middle levels. Therefore, it is imperative to address these issues to help to find possible solutions that can help to reduce chronic diseases with have claimed the lives of many people in different parts of the world (Reiners et al., 2019).  Project management approaches are techniques that are practiced universally in planning, controlling, and estimating activities to assist in solving the existing problem.  The issue of chronic disease requires proper planning, arrangement, and execution of operations to solve it.  As such, there is a need to apply this approach to solve the problem of chronic diseases that has outstanding effects in the health sector across the world (Reiners et al., 2019). Essentially, project management aids in defining the problem to enrich knowledge about the problem. In this case, the technique will help health professionals to understand what specific chronic diseases are and why they affect many people of different ages. Secondly, project management will help to determine the cause of chronic issues to help to implement ways to prevent them since they are lifestyle health conditions. Using a fishbone diagram, it can be possible the leading cause of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity to find the most appropriate method that should apply to prevent such issues (Reiners et al., 2019). The project management approach also can help in generating ideas that can be used to address the problem. It encourages brainstorming and mind mapping that can help in coming up with ideas and concepts. Therefore, there is a need to use a project management approach to solve health care issues affecting most people across the world. The project management approach usually helps in selecting the best solution to use in problem-solving. To address the issue of chronic disease, health practitioners should consider the best choice that can help in solving the problems. As well, this approach is capable of enabling health professionals to choose the best option among other sources that will help to resolve chronic health issues (Reiners et al., 2019). The application of the project management approach in solving the issue of chronic diseases in the United States and other parts of the world has both advantages and disadvantages.Pros1. Efficient Goal SettingThe use of the approach in addressing chronic disease issues can help in setting better goals that can assist in finding the best way of dealing with chronic disease issues. An efficient system will aid in setting SMART goals (Rush et al., 2018). 2. Accurate Risk Assessment The project management approach can help inaccurate risk assessment associated with the issue under study. It ensures that proper communication is maintained in various stages of finding the most appropriate method of solving chronic disease issues (Rush et al., 2018).Cons of Project Management Approach 1. Increased Complexity The project management approach involves a complicated process with various stages. When the plan is applied to solve chronic disease issues, the process used can go for long thus can complicate the process. Therefore, this approach might not be the most appropriate method of addressing chronic disease issues in the health sector (Rush et al., 2018).2. High Cost The project management approach requires colossal capital to facilitate all steps needed to achieve the goals of the project. The processes involved in this approach comprises of the training process that might increases the cost of solving chronic disease issues (Rush et al., 2018). Thus, it might not be the best way of solving the problem under the study.The primary purpose of this study is to eradicate chronic conditions through various approaches such as education, creating public awareness, prevention of infection, and decreasing the causes of death. Another goal of this project is to focus on solving the two major chronic diseases that are obesity and diabetes, which are common among many people all over the world (Rush et al., 2018). The range of this research will perform in-depth analysis to identify the most appropriate methods of solving chronic diseases affecting various groups of people. The project will assess the possible challenges that might be involved when addressing chronic issues.ReferencesChapel, J. M., Ritchey, M. D., Zhang, D., & Wang, G. (2017). Prevalence and medical costs of chronic diseases among adult Medicaid beneficiaries. American jJournal of pPreventive mMedicine[U12], 53[U13](6), S143-S154.Dinh, T. T. H., Bonner, A., Clark, R., Ramsbotham, J., & Hines, S. (2016). The effectiveness of the teach-back method on adherence and self-management in health education for people with chronic disease: a systematic review. JBI database of systematic reviews and implementation reports, 14(1), 210-247.Reiners, F., Sturm, J., Bouw, L. J., & Wouters, E. J. (2019). Sociodemographic factors are influencing the use of eHealth in people with chronic diseases—international journal of environmental research and public health, 16(4), 645.Rush, K. L., Hatt, L., Janke, R., Burton, L., Ferrier, M., & Tetrault, M. (2018). The efficacy of telehealth delivered educational approaches for patients with chronic diseases: A systematic review. Patient education and counselling, 101(8), 1310-1321.Walker, R. C., Tong, A., Howard, K., & Palmer, S. C. (2019). Patient expectations and experiences of remote monitoring for chronic diseases: Systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies. International journal of medical informatics, 124, 78-85.[U1]You need to use the title – word-for-word – from the assignment instructions.[U2]… here too.[U3]The first part of this sentence doesn’t make any sense. Needs rewording.[U4]What is a common health issue, exactly? I’m not quite sure what it is you’re referring to here.[U5]Write out numbers 1 throughout 9 (unless it’s a person’s age, a percentage. or a ratio); 10 to infinity can use the numeric form (unless it begins a sentence).[U6]This word/term, when used in this context, is not a proper noun; therefore, it should not be capitalized.[U7]Since there are only four authors who contributed to the work, you need to list them all out in your citation; reserve the use of “et al.” for those citations with 6 or more authors.[U8]This sentence doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It almost reads as if you’re repeating the previous sentence. [U9]This is a regurgitation of what you wrote at the beginning of the previous paragraph.[U10]Supernatural? As in ghosts???[U11]You need to write out the ENTIRE name of this agency.[U12]First, this is a journal title; therefore, it should be italicized. Also, you need to capitalize all key words in the title.NOTE: You’ll need to make the appropriate corrections from here on out.[U13]The volume number also needs to be italicized.NOTE: You’ll need to make the appropriate corrections from here on out.

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