The fact that her children are in foster care shows that she has no interest in them. The influence of the drugs has destroyed the parent – child bond. The loneliness that Florence has suffered could also be the cause of the addiction. The separation from her kids as well the separation from friends and families could have stimulated to the abuse. On the other hand, Florence has been able to maintain her job for five months. Substance addicts tend to have problems at work because of failure to obey rules and regulations. The reason that she has kept her job for five months is clear evidence that the process of recovering from the substance abuse is progressing (Lewis, Danaamp. Blevins, 2009).The primary role of a social probation worker is to supervise offenders, during and after their trials. A probation social worker should turn away the offenders from committing more crimes. In the case discussed above, as a socials probation worker, I would make sure that the client does not commit the same offence again (Zastrow, 2010). I will assess the progress of her behavior and challenge her in a positive way. More so, I would provide programs and special support to make them law abiding citizens of the country. It is my work to integrate the offenders in the community by including them in community building programs. In addition, I will also offer counseling to the offenders and their families. As a social worker, I would recommend the client to seek more assistance from Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DHS) 4650 agency. The agencies helpline is (800)843-6154, and their email address is DHS.WEBBITS@ILLINOIS.GOV.According to the issues indicated above, the family suffers from economic problems that make it difficult for them to acquire medical help their child (Geralis, 1998). As a social worker for the OC Helpline, I would recommend the family to visit the Children amp. Youth

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