Vacation in Thailand(Special Occasion Speeches)

Thailand I. Introduction A. Brief background of Thailand. B. One will experience the warm hospitality of Asia. C. Thailand is called the Land of Smiles for its warm, accommodating people.II. Length of StayA. Consider the number of days to stay in Thailand.B. One should know the length of travel flight.C. Thailand is a good location even when one is single, partnered, or with family members.III. Food, accommodations, weather, and resortsA. There are cheap hotel accommodations in the country.B. Food is not a problem.C. Tropical weather should be expected.D. Thailand has some world-famous beaches.IV. Thai cuisineA. Some say that Thai food is not that good.B. Wide variety of Thai dishes to choose from.C. Food is inexpensive, tasty, and available almost everywhere.D. Several malls and markets all over the cities and suburbs.V. Air fares and inter-Thailand trips A. Off-peak season rates are very affordable. B. Bangkok and Phuket two-way trips. C. Thailand offers a nice contrast of nature and city. D. Restaurant availability even around beaches.VI. Major concernsA. Health and safety.B. Tourists are rarely victims of crimes.C. Pros and cons. From the first step you set in the Kingdom, you will immediately feel what used to be things you merely read in travel blogs and write-ups. It does not take several hours to have the feeling of wanting to come back even before you leave the place. So many travelers and tourists before have felt the same way, which is why Thailand’s tourism has continuously flourished over the years (Burke 23). Several westerners who experienced how it is to be in Thailand cannot deny that somehow, they felt this desire to return to the Kingdom, and possibly live there (Bonner 27). For someone who grew up in the East and travelled to the West, it is hard to explain in words how deep the desire is to smell the Eastern air again, and be with warm, welcoming, and smiling people. This is not to say that Western people are cold and unwelcoming, but no one can deny the magic of the East when it comes to warmth and hospitality. Furthermore, they do not call Thailand the Land of Smiles for nothing (Burke 5). If you have even considered visiting Thailand for a vacation, the country will not let you down. It you are able to get past the more than 14-hour flight (Rickman 17), Thailand is definitely an amazing destination whether you are vacationing as single, partnered, or with your family. However, it is advisable that a vacationer has several days to spare, because definitely, a weekend will not be enough once you set foot in this amazing country. There are several reasons why Thailand is a good place to spend vacation in. Dollars have high value in the country, and several guesthouses and hotels are available for less than $20 USD a night (Burke 68). Food will never be a problem as they are available almost everywhere for even less than a dollar (Burke 71-72). Even resorts are inexpensive, making the vacation less costly than the typical daily cost of living in your own hometown (Rickman 54). Also, being a tropical country in the Southeast Asia, there are clear, warm days almost throughout the year. The seasons in this country are either rainy, hot, or cool. During the warm season, one can splurge in Thailand’s beaches, some of which are considered the best in the world (Rickman 35). And whether you look for a beach hosting party-all-night events, or just a quiet nature-type one, Thailand has one to offer you. Some might try to dissuade you when it comes to Thai food, but you will be in for a surprise when you get o taste the original Thai food taste. Additionally, Thai cuisine easily offers you lots of variety at, again, inexpensive cost (Burke 72). Thailand is not only known for its delicious fried chicken (Rickman 41), but also for the amazing selection of snacks, noodles, salads, curry, and pad thai (Bonner 12). Shopping will also never be a problem because malls in Bangkok are some of the most charming in the world, and city markets offer everything from small bottled food ingredients to art decorations (Burke 76). Booking flights is also easy, particularly when you are travelling during off-peak season. It is quite common to avail of round trip tickets for $100 USD from Bangkok to Phuket (Burke 39). Whether you are one who prefers the laid-back scenery of nature, or the bustling night life, Thailand will have something to offer, coupled with its rich culture, architecture, and history (Rickman 15). Whether you are hitting the beaches or roaming around the cities, you will always be near bars and clubs, and restaurants to quench your hunger and thirst (Bonner 11). Many people might think that safety or health concerns will be an issue before one travels to Thailand. Truth of the matter is the country is far safer than other large cities around the world. Surely there might be concerns on muggings and other crimes, but it rarely happens to tourists, and it is not a concern that is particular in this country (Burke 85). With attractions as rich as what Thailand has to offer, the pleasures outweigh the risks.Works CitedBonner, Lauren E. Thailand: [travel Guide]. New York: St. Martins Pr, 2003. Print.Burke, Andrew. Thailands Islands amp. Beaches. Footscray, Vic: Lonely Planet, 2008. Print.Rickman, James. Thailand Oracle: Down-to-earth Guide for Independent Travellers. Lampeter: Jim Rickman, 2001. Print.

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