Using Deibel Framework on UAE Demographic Imbalance

Frank discussion mainly focuses on the demographic predicament facing the UAE. The problem of population imbalance sufficiently deals with the unintended consequences of the prospect of the country. Practical ideas mainly handle growing demographic problem and the corresponding economic development that solely perpetuates the underlying chronic demographic imbalance.UAE is a predominantly an arid land making most of its communities and member countries to be adapted to survive on either side of environmental changes. It is an exacting environment (Zachariah, Prakash amp. Irudaya, 2009). Most of the UAEs wildlife is under threat. For instance, in the marine environment, the habitats such as seabirds and turtles are almost driven close to extinction by several causes including insensitive development, loss of habitat, unsustainable harvesting as well as illegal persecution.There has been an environment renaissance within the UAE in the recent past. Among the agendas of the UAE, environmental awareness has been at the forefront of an obligation to the natural world, and particularly the Southern Gulf’s sensitive environment. The UAE has also come up with non-governmental environmental groups in its countries mainly for environmental protectionism. In addition, there has been the promulgation of a sophisticated environmental law including much separate legislation, and some may apply at a national level while others at individual emirate levels.The bulk of the political economy discourse on the UAE mainly focused on its underlying geostrategic significance, the corresponding factors that upset the outflow of oil and the respective governments’ dependent on the derived consumption and venture. Regarding the region’s demographic pyramid profile, takes into consideration the shifted assessment of the idiosyncrasies of the labor markets encompassing emerging strains coupled with developing levels of the structural employment. It is resulting from underlying

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