Uses of Nanotechnology in Medicine and Electronics

The present research has identified that Understanding Nano is a website that talks about nanotechnology and its’ several applications. The website has several applications and one of it’s’ applications is in the medical field. The webpage on medicine talks about the use of nanotechnology in the medical field has revolutionized the methods of detecting the disease, treating damages to the human body and treating several diseases. One of the applications of nanotechnology in medicine involves the employment of nanoparticles in the delivery of heat, light drugs, and several other substances. This includes delivery of the substances to cancer cells. Quoting from the website ‘Nanotechnology enables the engineering of particles in order to attract them to the disease cells in the body’. This allows direct treatment of the affected cells. Nanotechnology allows early detection of diseases and reduction of damage to the cells. Oral administration of drugs applies to nanotechnology. The encapsulated drug in a nanoparticle enables it to pass through the stomach to deliver the drug into the blood flow. Nanoparticles stimulate an immune response to fight respiratory diseases. This happens after the inhalation of nanoparticles. Nanotechnology is also applicable to the treatment of tumors using nanoparticles. The website Bright Hub focuses on general information about science and technology. Under this site information about nanotechnology and its’ application in electronics is available. The webpage talks about the intertwining of nanotechnology and electronics and the use of nanotechnology in electronics. Many current electronics have incorporated several applications developed by nanotechnology science. New computer microprocessors contain less than 100-nanometer features.

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