Path-Goal: employee satisfied if their work leads to that which is valuedManaging volunteers vs employees. Motivating factors for volunteers vs employees. Can’t push volunteers as hard. Can’t be frustrated with them. They are free, good for budget. Volunteers helping with a cause, public service.Transactional leadershipi.Define – and exchange of valued things (economic, political) between initiators and respondents. Two parties come together in relationship that advances the interests of both, but there is not enduring link.ii.Style – monitor, plan operations, delegate, problem solve, develop staff, motivate. Depends on self-motivated people who work well in structure. Tellingiii.Scenario – military and police organizations use this style. Tell employees what to do. Thrive on following rules and doing things correctly. Employees do their job and are rewarded based on productivity.iv.Scenario – a political leader might agree to support a particular policy in exchange for votes in the next electionv.Scenario – a student might write a great paper in exchange for an A gradevi.Involves an exchange of valued thingsvii.Lack of deep and enduring linkviii.Extrinsic motivationsTransformational leadershipix.Define – when leaders and followers engage with one another to raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation. May initially come together out of pursuit of own interest, or leader saw potential in follower, but relationship evolves, interests become common purpose, elevate the relationship. Both become mobilized, inspired, and uplifted. Leads to moral leadership.x.Style – strategic planning, vision articulation, networking, managing organizational change, empower through delegation, manage innovation, develop staff, motivate, team build. Works to motivate and inspire workers; influence rather than direct. Sellingxi.Scenario – a new manager is hired. Instead of making several immediate changes, they gather data and input from employees before implementing new changes. The manager goes over these changes, and develops a strategic plan with portions that will be implemented over the next several months, and longer term, over the next few years. The new manager inspired the employees with a shared vision and specific objectives to work toward.xii.Scenario -xiii.Leader and follower raise one another to a higher level or morality and motivationxiv.Mutual support for a common purposexv.Intrinsic motivationsxvi.Strategies – idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, individualized consideration.

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