Unit 2 Application Assignment Strategy and Management

Application Assignment: Strategy and Management Introduction In this report, I will use Samsung Electronics Company, as the ideal organization. The paper will delve on the organization’s business strategy and management, and how they have managed to be an effective company, since time immemorial. Samsung Electronics Company limited is ranked, as the number one digital media, with a formidable brand reputation in the world of business. It is the third biggest South Korean organization, brought into life in 1969, under the flagship company of the infamous Samsung Corporation or Samsung group. The company has business interests in electronics, while other production groups of Samsung deal in the construction sector and real estate. Company’s mission statementSamsung has been on the success end, because of its stellar and effective mission statement and objectives. As a matter of fact, it has a mission to be the best digital company. More so, its mission/vision statement is to spearhead the digital convergence movement. This implies that Samsung wants to be the leading business entity, in helping the world to be digital, through offering latest digital innovations. The organization is striving to be the best brand, in the field of electronics, by working on its size, capacity, price quality and the power of their devices. (Lee, 2006)Organization’s strategic goalThe objective of any company is to be a reputable brand in the world of business. In this case, Samsung electronics strategic goal is to strengthen all its six main areas of the organization’s business operations. This includes. digital media, semi-conductor, digital applications, LCD, globalization, and communication network. By focusing on these pillars, the organization will experience successful developments over time. Moreover, the company has evolved from profit maximization to sales growth with survival on delivering value to their customers. Qualifications of the organization’s manager Owing to the company’s dynamic nature, it requires managers to have the following characteristics. they need to be aggressive to deal with various organizational challenges. The manager needs to be goal-oriented, so as to enable the company to achieve its organizational goals. Team spirit is also another pre-requisite for the manager, owing to the organizational structure of management. Other characteristics include. being responsible for management plans, as well as, responsible for direct use of financing and procurement. Company’s recruitment and selection processSamsung boasts of top-notch employees in the world, which are mainly facilitated by its stellar recruitment and selection process. For instance, Samsung Company has focused their recruitment and selection process of workers on diversity, flexibility, equal opportunities, as well as sample selection. In order, to improve their organization’s performance, Samsung always monitor their employees, on the basis of efficiency and performance of work. Employee training and development in the companyIt is every organization’s wish to retain best-performing employees, and to do so, the company must offer lucrative and encouraging conditions. Samsung can train and develop its workers, through offering employee training platforms, manager’s seminars, workshop and retreatment. It can also nurture employees’ professional skills through practices, such as. job rotation where employees sharpen their skills in various departments, which ultimately encourage professional development. (Chung et al, 1997)Based on Samsung’s mission, objectives and goals, I would like to work for the company. This is because it offers a chance for one, to not only nurture his/her skills, but also feel part of the company. On the hand, I will be fit for the company, due to my quick-to-learn nature, discipline, and determination, which will give me an edge over other workers.ReferencesChung, K.H.,Yi, H., amp.Jung, K.H., (1997). Korean Management:Global Strategy and Cultural Transformation. Berlin, Germany: Walter de GruyterLee, D., (2006). Samsung Electronics:The Global Inc. Seoul, Korea: LEE Dongyoup

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