Undertake a suitable critical environmental audit for a well known Western brand considering entering Saudi Arabia

The macro environment refers to the factors in the nation within which the business seeks to operate. Henry (2008) states that macro environmental audit is mainly about the factors that affect entire population of the whole country within which the organisation operates. The main tool for this is PESTEL.Saudi Arabia is a monarchy ruled by a king. The current king, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz was enthroned in August 2005. Ever since he came into power, he has sought to make reforms to a nation that was mainly ran by the Royal family and the religious elite who ruled according to strict Islamic codes and systems (Ramady, 2010). There are reforms that are being made to enable people to take part in governance. Also, the reforms aim to cut down on government interference in the economy.However, due to the central and exemplary role that Saudi Arabia plays in the Arab and Muslim world, the reforms are being practiced at a very slow pace. Governance at all levels are controlled and affected by members of the Royal family (The House of Sauds) and their agents and representatives. Also, the religious elites are very powerful and they have a lot of say in the policies of the nation, which remains for strategic and international purposes, influenced mainly by Sharia.The Saudi economy is based on the export of crude oil. Saudi Arabia’s GDP stood at US$622.5 billion in 2010 (CIA World Factbook). The main authority in charge of the regulation of the financial sector is the Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency, which is the Central Bank.Taxes are collected by the Department of Zakat and Income Tax. Income tax is levied on non-Saudi individuals and entities. Saudi Arabian citizens and entities are normally exempt from taxation. Also, most non-Saudi individual salaries and employment benefits are tax-free (SaudiNet). It is only professional foreigners and foreign investment income that

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