Time to Get Busy vs to Enjoy


I get up early in the morning, go to school, attend classes, come back, do my homework, eat, and sleep. No time for play. That’s bad. I think I am getting the grip of a hectic routine. So, elders must have a greater hectic routine than me. If I think about my dad, I barely see him! Yes, now I am getting the idea of how people become busy and why they do not have time to enjoy. Dad rarely spends time with us because he keeps busy. He brings a lot of office work at home and does not play with us. I guess that is why mom and dad fight very often. Yes, last night mom wanted to see a movie but dad said he had a lot of office work to do, and they fought. I guess this is what the topic here talks about. And I should also write about my aunt, who works at a company. My cousin often complains about her mom that she neglects his needs, and doesn’t take him out for outings. Now, that’s it, I am sure. People keep so busy that they do not get time to enjoy with their families and, especially, with their kids.

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