Three historical actors

The most spoken language is English, with Roman Catholicism as its official state religion. It’s the largest economy in the USA, with a range of industries, and has the leading sports activities in the entire country (Cooke, 2005). In this five-page paper, I am going to talk about three historical actors who played significant roles in shaping California and the reasons behind their shaping positions.Industrialization, as an actor, played significant roles in the shaping of California’s present environment, both natural and manmade, during the early 19th and 20th Century. The country went through a rapid growth through industrialization, increasing both its agricultural and industrial power. Industrialization led to make the California economy to specialize in agriculture, oil, tourism and shipping among others, which later resulted in a rise in technological advancement (Jakes, 17). The state improved in aerospace and electronics industry, leading to the emergence of film stars of the Hollywood, making the country attract attention from all over the world.Industrialization later resulted in high advancement levels of computers in the country, specifically in the Silicon Valley, thereby emerging as the global center for all the process of innovation and invention of computers. The discovery of oil in California, during the periods of 1848 was later enhanced by industrialization that brought in all the technological machinery that got required for the process of extracting the oil. Later on, the state got in a position to develop all the machinery needed for manufacturing the oil since it was purely crude oil. This can get attributed to the necessity of industrialization to meet the increasing oil demand by the growing population in this state.The crude oil got manufactured, and different petroleum products such as oil gas, paraffin, kerosene, diesel, among other bi-products got made (Isenberg, 11). Some of these products were

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