The Worldliness of English in Saudi Arabia

Researchers who look at the spread of English as mere linguistic imperialism question the enterprise of learning and teaching of the English language. This is because, from their viewpoint, it has the cultural integrity of the non-native speaker compromised. In order for a language instructor to come into terms with the imposition of English language learning culturally is to utilize the practices of ELT that define and position English as an international language (EIL). In my point of view, the alternative perpetuates the negative impact that learning a foreign language can pose to the cultural integrity of the learner. Linguistic imperialism is a concept of linguistics involving a transfer, to other people, of a dominant language. This transfer is often associated with power demonstration. This could be military power or even economic power. Dominant cultures are often transferred together with the language.According to Brutt-Griffler (2002), the theory of linguistic imperialism has magnetized much attention among applied linguistic scholars. This has resulted in much debate especially on the shortcomings and merits of the theory. Brutt-Griffler stated linguistic imperialism denunciations to the analyses of English as the language of world domination and world capitalism. Generally, linguistic imperialism is usually viewed in the perspective of cultural imperialism.

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