The Work Created by the Spanish Choreographer Juan Ignacio Duato

Duato never gave up and continued to attend dancing schools. This enabled him to mature in a nurturing environment and enabled him to absorb the diversity of both cultures. His dedication to training along with his solid physique enabled him to become a great dancer. In addition, he also attended Mudra School in Brussels and Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York. The end of his education paved the way to begin his career by joining several ballets.
Throughout his career, Duato has met flourished under the spotlight. After a long regime of dictatorship by Franco in Spain during the 1980’s, an enlightening of cultural revival boomed in Spain. Duato himself states his frustration as he states, For years, Spanish culture was reduced to bull-fights, castanets, and football. Suddenly, Spain became the Mecca for traditional art, dance, and craft as the first national ballet ever in Spain was founded only in 1979.
Duato was born in Valencia, Spain and signed a contract with Cullberg Ballet in the 1980’s. Duato signed his first choreography, Jardi Tancat, in 1983 (winning the International Choreographers Competition in Cologne. Then, Duato was invited to lead the National Dance Company in 1990 in which he transformed the company that had no class, no personality, and no identity. His experience working for the company was gratifying as he states, The strangest demands we set ourselves professionally and, of course, the passion of all of us feel for dance.
Duato used his creative ability to assimilate dance moves and hence impressed Jirí Kylián. Kylián immediately recognized his talents and thus brought him to Nederlands Dan’s theater. Duato builds his reputation so rapidly that he achieved a Golden Dance Award in the Netherlands for his brilliant work.

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