The UAE Labour Law Court Cases

Various cases have been registered and are being registered against people signing dishonoured cheques. Manu have been imprisoned in the jail of Dubai due to the offense of issuing cheques more than their held funds that was later identified to be bounced, with little significance to the underlying causes of such actions, which further makes the law quite stringent and proves to be much effective in restricting any intended or unintended forgery to repaying debts. There are few landmark cases identified in the article, where 48 years old Emirati, named Ahmad Abdullah, was imprisoned as he failed to hold sufficient balance to clear the cheques owing to the failure of his business. As the chain of cheques being dishonoured continued, Mr. Abdullah’s imprisonment also extended in terms of duration, to an indefinite period until his debts are repaid completely. Another case of a 28 year old European named Yousuf was imprisoned for nine years of signing dishonoured cheques in favour of his employer organisation that was later categorised as a typical example in Dubai. He was a simple accountant of a real estate firm in Dubai and signed several cheques as a part of his daily duty. But with the collapse of the firm, many of the company lenders filed a case against him as he had issued those cheques.As affirmed in the article, the motive behind enacting the law under Article 401 of the UAE Penal Code has been to restrict individuals from committing forgery in the form of borrowing. This makes it justified as to why the sentences given for imprisonment are strict and prolonged. As affirmed by Jafar Al Touq, a professional lawyer in the UAE, Those who think that sitting in jail without paying a loan is a temporary, short-term way out of debt are absolutely wrong. Otherwise, I will also do the same thing – borrow, then stay in jail for a while and keep the money (Hilotin, 2012). I agree to this term but would also like to suggest certain degree of remittance for the accused, as in often cases, taking the example of Yousuf, who was an accountant in a firm and had to serve the punishment sentence for singing dishonoured cheques as a part of his job, the debtors fall under a false

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