The Twelve Apostles

The present research has identified that Philip was twenty-seven years of age when he joined the apostles. he had recently been married, but he had no children at this time. He was not necessarily dull, but he lacked imagination. This lack of imagination was the great weakness of his character. Philip, the onetime steward of the twelve, was a mighty man in the kingdom, winning souls wherever he went. and he was finally crucified for his faith and buried at Hierapolis. Nathaniel was brought to Jesus by his friend Philip. Nathaniel with Phillip was on his way to see John the Baptist when he encountered Jesus. He was twenty-five years old, living with his informed parents, in Cana. Nathaniel and Judas Iscariot were the two most educated men among the twelve. Nathaniel’s duty was to look after the families of the twelve. He was often absent from the apostolic councils, for when he heard that sickness or anything out of the ordinary had happened to one of his charges, he lost no time in getting to that home. After Pentecost, he preached and baptized believers in Mesopotamia and India. He died in India. Simon was a merchant, who lived with his family in Capernaum. He was labeled an agitator who often spoke without thinking. He was a rebel by nature and an iconoclast by training. When persecutions took over Jerusalem, he retired temporarily. However, in a few years, he revitalized and performed the duties of an apostle, preaching in Alexandria, working up the Nile into the heart of Africa. He proclaimed the gospel of Jesus until his death in Africa. Matthew was a Publican and tax collector. Of the Romans official in Palestine, none were more hated than the Publicans. The fact that the taxes imposed by a foreign power was a continual irritation to the Jews. Being a reminder that their independence had departed. As was his commission, after he left Jerusalem, he went through Syria, Cappadocia, Galatia, Bithynia, and Thrace. In Thrace, Lysimachia, a group of Jews plotted his death with the Romans.

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