The Success Story of the Bakery Fiesta

Throughout the report, the analysis is stated along with the entrepreneur’s responses, helping me to evaluate the success, the challenges and learning for myself and other future aspiring entrepreneurs. It integrates a comparison of my theoretical learning about entrepreneurship and the practical application of the theory in the business world. The reports reflect upon how entrepreneurs face failure initially and then they become successful. The entrepreneur I interviewed is a young cook, who has opened up her own business of made-to-order fancy cakes and pastries. At the age of 23 years, Maham Baber began her business inspired by a few fancy birthday cakes she observed. Being a food fanatic and her passion for cooking and baking, she decided to open up a small business of made-to-order fancy home sweets of all kinds. Before opening her new business she took a few essential basic baking courses of professional baking. Based in her home town of Lahore, Pakistan, her business has flourished immensely over the past two years of the company’s existence. The name of her bakery is Fiesta: Designer Cakes n Piñatas. Currently, she works solo in the preparation of ordered sweets. The product offering includes designer cakes, desserts, and piñatas. Each of these categories is available in numerous flavors. Cakes are custom made mainly fondant cakes with designs according to the customers’ requirements. Desserts include all kinds of sweets like cupcakes, brownies, éclairs, macaroons, fruit and carrot cakes, moose, caramel crunch and tiramisu. Recently Fiesta has introduced a new variant to the business named Oh Ohs, which are chocolate coated cream filled rolls.

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