The Spanish Expulsion in 1492

1492 is the year of Edict, which ended the 200 year Spanish Reconquista of Grenada and the Edict of Expulsion. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were motivated both politically, and because of the church to unite the Kingdom under one religion. This paper will discuss the steps taken how the Spanish Kingdom became a Catholic State and how the Jews were formally eradicated from the territory. To conclude the report will show that knowledge is needed to integrate a country.
By 1492, Spain was a Catholic despot monarchy. Muslim control had been eradicated. Jews and Muslims were being more and more persecuted. Though Catholicism was the only religion, there was a sense of old school and new school or the newly converted Catholics. The conversos were no longer believed and put into the same category as the Jews. (The Inquisition) It was a political move on behalf of the Queen to eliminate the conversos rather than work to assimilate them as they represented a new wave of political and scientific thinking. (The Inquisition) In 1481, Queen Isabella had requested from the Roman Catholic Church, the authority to start a Spanish Inquisition where the monarchy would have total control over the Spanish Church. Other Inquisitions had been directly controlled by the Roman Church. Her motivation was both political, religious and power hungry. The Jews and those Conversos were influencing Catholics. (The Inquisition) It wouldn’t be until 1483 when General Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada was appointed. (Thomsett 149) There were still Muslim centres all over the Kingdom. When the Edict of Alhambra was read, the Muslims no longer had the same protection as they did under the Treaty of Grenada.
Grenada was the last stronghold of Moorish control of the Iberian Peninsula. The Ottoman Empire had sent soldiers to fight but the Christian soldiers after 700years of fighting won. At the end of 1491, a Treaty was drawn and Muslims and other refugees were taken to North Africa.

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