The significance of language in Show and Tell

Through the use of body language, he notices the unruly behavior of the other students who were making fun of him in English. He responded by quietly sitting down without offering anybody a handshake. It is significant to note Cao’s move communicates to us that he was dissatisfied with the other students. When one is relating to another person, there may be no common interest. If you cannot express your feelings in verbal form, you can adopt using facial expressions to bring out the fact that you are differing with the object under discussion. Another important aspect of language is that we can use it to create humor. We can present our ideas in funny ways that can crack the ribs of our audience. Billy ridicules Bobby as being very poor as he only got half a tree. In an amazing twist of events, Bobby does not lie low like an envelope. With an assertive notion, he hits back at his friend Billy by making fun of his butts. He describes his friend as having a sorry-ass warmonger with ugly scars that belong to an old man. The story tells us that Bobby wanted to say something worse, but he consciously watched his tongue. Most of his classmates laughed except the teacher who had some sense of maturity in him. The fact that Bobby insulted his classmate in a humorous manner is a clear indication that language can help us communicate our thoughts and feelings of hatred. Again, we can use language as a form of communication to explain a brief account of the most memorable events in life.

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