The Role of Activation of Homeschool Partnership in Education

The partnership emanates from the need to rectify the traditional detachment of parents from the educational activities of their children. In the traditional setup, parents granted all the roles of educating the students to teachers. With the advancement and reforms in education, there emerged the need to engage parents in achieving a quality education. Students with particular needs draw a number of concerns given the high demand for serious and close attention in assessing their educational progress.There are extensive benefits of activating home-school partnerships in enhancing the education of mentally challenged students. The partnerships help in promoting collaboration between parents and teachers. Education and teaching as a process notably involve the integration of activities involving a number of settings. With the integration of partnerships between parents and students, the various settings set in the education system become easy to coordinate and integrate. Since students with challenges as physical and mental need dedication aimed at rectifying their behavioral and educational development, the collaboration between students and parents is essential. Mentally retorted students, for instance, may develop a negative attitude or dislike for education activities and programs. Home-school partnerships, therefore, work to improve the attitude of such students towards the programs because of support by parents and teachers, as well. It also helps in the rectification of any unethical behavior that mentally retorted students may have. Improved performance, inside the classroom, is a notable importance of home-school partnerships.The provision of equal educational opportunities to every student. The IDEA is among the legislation that advocates for equality, in the education sector. It also provides the inclusion of parents in the education system including. Mentally retorted students, under the law, have the right to equal opportunity in education. The No Child Left Behind is another legislation that provides for the education of students including the mentally retorted students.

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