The Revered Poet Instructs her Students on the Importance of Revision by Kim Addonizio

The poem by Kim Addonizio creates the need to think twice about the choices that a person makes in life. The poem articulates solitude that accompanies the act of writing that the author feels. The author also illustrates that she wants her life back. The author continues to state that the young audience does not understand her wishes to earn her life back. In the act of the writer wishing for a life, she creates another requirement for the essence of revision. The young audience tends to have a life that she wants for, but they do not know. The audience also writes poem quickly that are from quick journals. The audience also does not revise their work and thus the misunderstanding that the beautiful girl they create in the writing is not actually beautiful. The poem thus creates a sense of self-understanding. A person’s life is a subject of the choices that he or she makes. The poem tends to have a formal form. The reason is that it uses all the formalities of a normal verse such as the use of stanzas that are always four. However, the author utilizes informal language in the communication of the central idea of the poem. The use of the informal language tends to be a reflection of the frustrations that the author cites as personal. The author also utilizes the personal pronouns such as ‘you’ and ‘I’ as a reinforcement of the frustrations (Olson-McBride). In other words, the author sounds sincere in her propositions. The author teaches about the preserving own self from external. variables that tend to distort the actual dreams of an individual. The author thus depicts on the changes that affect her after she becomes a success. The words that she utilizes to describe how she once was beautiful enumerate a longing to correct a mistake. The instance is because the author thinks that the audience who she stands before tend to think she is gloomy. The situation brings to the aspect of solitude in the writing and a nostalgic mood. The poem tends to educate the readers on the need for revision. The opening statement, by which there is an apparent irony stating that the beautiful woman was corrupt, is an evidence of the fact. The author also teaches about the desire to live a different livelihood. She relates the uniqueness to a particular degree of worthiness in life. The author talks about wanting her life back. The life she wishes for is a statement that she sees as a trait of the youth. However, the author concludes that she who is need of the life cannot access it. However, the young ones in the poem that have the life she admires do not take note of the vast value of choice that they have.The author uses repetition in the line, ‘but soon, too soon.’ As in line one in the third stanza. The author also uses periods and commas in the text to provide emphasis on the statements.Works CitedOlson-McBride, Leah. A Content Analysis Of Poems Most Frequently Utilized By Poetry Therapists. Journal of Poetry Therapy, 25, 3 (2012): 137-149.

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