The Jewish museum by Daniel Libeskind



Architecture has developed and grown throughout history and in the last few decades some very exciting things have been happening. One of the most renowned architects in the 20th and 21st centuries is Daniel Libeskind. Many of his projects have been the reason for Libeskind to be accepted as one of the most creative architects of our generation. His buildings will exemplify distinctive characteristics for someone who admires them. A person sees these works and realises that only a master architect is behind all these attractive buildings. Daniel Libeskind was born in 12th of May, 1946, in Lodz, Poland. He was born at a difficult historic period for his country but also for the entire world, because he was born in a post-war period. Daniel was the second child of Nacham and Dora Libeskind. Both of his parents were Polish Jews who had survived the Holocaust. From a very early age, Libeskind showed that he was inclined towards Arts. At the age of eleven, he and his family immigrated to Tel Aviv, Israel. In Israel he began learning piano, on the America – Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship. Due to his musical studies he learned how to perform on a stage without making mistakes. This was a significant influence for him for his later way of working. In 1959, Daniel won an America – Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship, after which he and his family, decided to move on to the United States. That was the beginning of his engagement with architecture.

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