The interent and global activism

Topic: The internet and global activism of the University
Topic: The internet and global activism
1. The article “New Media Power: The Internet and Global Activism” by W.L Bennett demonstrates the importance of internet-mediated networks, its functioning through the trans-boundary mechanism, and how online activism has engulfed every segment of human endeavors. The technological advances and the internet revolution have contributed much to the concept, ‘the world is one family’ from the scientific and commercial points of view. Social media, the important by-product of the internet revolution, continues to challenge the print and electronic media. The dynamics of online activism has direct bearing on political control and has opened a new and important channel of political protest.
Luc Reydams (Editor) of the book “Global Activism Reader” (2011) in which the article “Social Movements, NGOs, and Networks” by Mary Kaldor appears articulates,
The salient characteristic of the world after 1989 is the advent of politics in the ‘global scene’. By global politics, I mean the interaction between the institutions of global governance (international institutions and states) and global civil society—the groups, networks and movements who comprise the mechanisms through which individuals negotiate and renegotiate social contracts or political bargains at a global level.(p.4)
The patronages and protests grow with lightning speed and the scope of such activities is vast and multinational in character. The article throws light on the importance of collective actions and social movements.
2. My passion is writing short stories and topics related to current social movements and the dispositions of the combustible younger generation. My mainstay is satire in literature, highlighting the importance of moral values, how a happy family is the important unit of the society, and the need to do serious rethinking on marriage as a social institution and the need take steps to curb the divorce rates. Child-labor is another important social issue, that needs urgent attention at the highest level and I have published a few articles on this subject.
3. I took active interest in a demonstration for providing tangible facilities for the first time offenders when they are released from the prison, to enable them to adjust honorably in the mainstream society. Unless this is done, they will end-up as hard core criminals and will take up the path of crime and violence forever. I have also addressed letters to the Editors of important newspapers and I have my own blog titled, “Reform and reformers—farewell to crimes forever!”
4. The media power has not been the same as it was once upon a time, as there are many contesting partners in the field of information dissemination. Not long ago, newspapers and the magazines played an important role in publishing articles and opinionated statements on all and sundry issues. Television and internet have changed the concept of news value. By the time the morning newspapers arrive, the people are up-to-date with the knowledge of the important events taking place in the world. The people actually see the news and events happening and are in a position to have their own opinions. As such the importance of media has weakened the quantity and quality of news reporting. There are specialized channels, running into hundreds, for each subject from geography to religion and what not! Though there are many negative aspects of media on account of showing sex-related and violence-prone programs, it has played positive role in the area of fast communication of useful information.
5. Canadian society is multicultural and multi-ethnic. Interconnections of identity problems are natural in a democratic society and as such dialogue is the only alternative for every knotty issue. Peculiar conditions prevail in the Canadian society. For example, the important section of the society stands for liberal universalism. But a section of the society strives to establish Marxist universalism in the political structure of Canada. Increase in nationalism, religious fundamentalism and racist attitudes create problems of various magnitudes to vitiate the social atmosphere. The referendum in Scotland relates to a unique historical past of Britain and Scotland. The cause for such serious division on geographical basis does not exist in Canada. If such differences/divisions are pressed too hard by the people, it will result in civil wars, widespread violence and disintegration of the society. Dialogue through democratic means is the only alternative.
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