The Importance of Using ICT in the Classroom

The teaching and learning of ICT does not directly need these subjects (Eadie, 2001).The growth of ICT in the society is usually reflected in policies aimed at encouraging its use in education as well as educational multimedia development. The role of multimedia in education has been increasing over the years. This has presented the great potential to both learning and teaching (Standardfree, 2009).ICT is very useful in the early learning process of young children (EED, 1997). Moreover, an early introduction of ICT gives these children a strong learning foundation. This is because it also helps them to develop other skills important for the learning process such as creativity.This paper discusses the role of multimedia in the classroom. It investigates the importance of using ICT in the classroom. ICT goes a long way in making learning more interesting and meaningful since it motivates and stimulates them. The learning and teaching materials that utilize ICT are designed to accommodate different abilities and needs, which make them fully realize their potential and capabilities. The essay also discusses how ICT supports language and Arabic in particular. The paper also discusses the project’s authoring, including the challenges encountered during this process.ICT goes a long way in supporting language, which in turn greatly influences learning and teaching in the classroom (Ismail, 2008). For instance, ICT can greatly support the learning of the Arabic language, which can then make teaching and learning much easier. It has been proved that students who learn foreign languages at early ages are better placed to master the language properly. There is no better way of fostering this learning than through the use of ICT.It is very important to teach Arabic to young children since this is the best age to teach foreign languages to children.It is much harder to teach older children new languages.

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