The Importance of Security in a Corporate Building

Children of smaller ages were grouped together and were offered a number of games in which they had to help a building from various situations. I organized this event because I believe that everyone should step forward in order to help a corporate’ foundation to stay strong. The sole reason is that no corporation has ever been successful if the security is not trustworthy and many at times, the job is degraded and not well understood. The response of everyone in the community was overwhelming as many small aged children got to spend some good quality time. For those who were in search of part-time and contracted jobs also stepped forward and the corporate eventually received a massive degree of applications from the interested parties. To my surprise, young and energetic girls also came out of the blue and wanted to play their role in helping the corporate to which I belonged. It is then that I realized that gender does not really matter in a profession.It was an annual General Meeting held at our firm a few months back. All security personals were in extreme chaos. Therefore, I as the head of security outlined a few tasks under each of my subordinates. Our aim was to provide the corporate with an event free of any mishaps and bad incidents that may have arisen. A few of my trusted men were at first lined up with the entrance gate and only those who owned the corporate card were allowed inside the business premises. Second, the passageway was fully lined up with men of security to keep everyone under their watch and to guide all people to their respective places. At the entrance of the hall, a man checked for the passes once again in order to be sure that there has been no trespassing. The inside of the hall was under the women security. They helped each person to their respective seats and maintained the decorum of the committee.

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