The Importance of Accurate Language in Professions

Importance of Accurate Language in Professions Communication is mandatory in all aspects of life. Communication revolves around proper use of language so as to portray a particular form of message by the sender. Analysts and researchers argue that success in almost all sectors in the society cannot be alienated from communication strategy. Communication involves making use of words to portray messages. In the case of professions, incorporation of the correct tools of communication motivates persons towards goal achievement and alleviates confusion that may cause crisis in the working environment. Effective use of language is an additional factor to consider in the case of interviewing individuals for a certain job. Apart from educational qualifications, communication skills are mandatory for any kind of profession. Ardener indicates that in the field of anthropology, use of language cannot be alienated from success in the job (16). Anthropology requires accurate use of language among the interpreters of a particular form of language so that the message can be interpreted as much accurately to the targeted audience. It is recommended that anthropologists and career people in the field of anthropology be endowed with the linguistic ability of discerning the various language structures and categorization of various languages (Ardener 17). In this case, it is justified to argue that accuracy in communication in the field of anthropology must not be jeopardized by any means in the society. It is vital that all anthropologists be conversant with various linguistic structures of the languages they deal with in their course of duty.Works CitedArdener, Edwin. Social Anthropology and Language. London: Routledge, 2004. Print.

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