The Implications of an Increasingly Diverse Workforce on Human Resources Management Practice

Also, there are a lot of hurdles that stand in the way of success so that organizations can best achieve their mission and vision that have been set right at the onset and the human resources management has the task to accomplish the very same. The goals are always in line with the set aims and objectives and for all these things to happen in the first place, it is of paramount importance to recruit the right kind of people – people who can deliver the goods when the going gets tough, and even when it is not that tough.
To start with, in an office setting there are certain instances when it is best to choose different people for the various jobs that are assigned in the working environment. This holds true for the rationale that a single person cannot and will not be able to do his work as well as the additional burden that is thrust upon him with zeal and enthusiasm. Hence the need of the hour is to understand that employees and workers need a manager to comprehend their shortcomings in the field of work and thus be assigned tasks and responsibilities in line with the same. The need for recruiting able and established staff is very much there since every organization or company for that matter wants to achieve efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to getting the things done in a quick manner. (Cooper, 2004) There are instances when employees have been known to prolong things just because they do not feel to be in the mood to do so. This is a definitive statement on the part of the employees that they were recruited wrongly at the time of their hiring and the organization did indeed make a mistake in choosing such a worker over other options that were available to it around the world.
One sees that the top line personnel present in offices delegate jobs and assignments to their sub-ordinates without even thinking that the same might not be the correct manner and mode of action as to go about carrying out the tasks and responsibilities.

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