The History of the World in Six Glasses

Factory workers had to function like parts in a well-oiled machine, and tea was the lubricant that kept the factories running smoothly. (p.200) Tea-break or tea-time became part of the sports activities and entertainment programs. Solid trade connections were established with the tea-producing countries like India and China, by some of the western countries, prominent amongst them was UK. The author has linked the thirst of the human throat to the thirst for material progress. He has unveiled the hidden agenda behind these drinks that have taken the commercial world by storm! When one makes an analysis, what all factors contributed to the concept of ‘world is one family,’ tea will be one of the top-contenders.The prime necessity to quench thirst needs no elaboration, appreciation, or explanation. Many thousands of years ago humans made their habitation near the rivers and lakes, precisely for his reason—to get adequate fresh water! Drinks shaped human history and growth and continue to have impact on the modern civilization. Tea, soon after it was introduced in UK, became a global drink! But there was always a storm in the cup of tea ofthe imperialists. The British people saw great potential in the tea trade, and exploited the business opportunity to the maximum extent. Tea drinking is not the cause, but the consequences of the distresses of the poor. The drink of queens had also become the drink of last resort… Tea had reached around the world from the world’s oldest empire and planted itself at the heart of the newest. (p. 196)Tea cures, as well as creates problems for the human constitution and aggravates certain conditions of diseases. Those suffering from neuralgia and blood pressure should not drink tea. If one takes tea on empty stomach, it affects digestion and its consumption at bed-time, causes sleepless nights. It stimulates the nervous system and the urine

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