The Economic Impacts of Nature on Building

The storms may be dust or the sand, hail and the thunder but they cause destruction and result in a total shutdown of business due to damage to the buildings.Torrential rainfall can also add to an economic crisis and huge losses for rain also affects the buildings especially the acid rain (Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1889). This type of rain is corrosive in nature which results in deteriorating structures and a lot of costs are required for the maintenance (J. S. 0guntoyinbo and F. 0. Akintola, 1983). The acid rainfall causes the structure to degrade which results in increased requirements not only of cost but also increased manpower. Nowadays, we see such problems occur in places where the countries are very industrialized (Selders, Arthur W., 2011). To protect the buildings different paints are applied which are costly so therefore we can say that the effects of the rain are very dreadful and cause not only the use of labor but also require a lot of time and capital which tend to strain the economic conditions of any industry or the government for maintaining the infrastructures that are the buildings (Lackey, 1997). The major causes of acid rain are basically corrosive gases such as Sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide which are the main constituents of air pollution.Snowfall does not occur throughout the year and that too in certain places around the globe especially in the northern areas. But in certain places, it is very severe and affects the buildings and infrastructure badly (National Oceanic amp. Atmospheric Administration, August 2000). The huge amounts of losses that are experienced are then extradited from the pockets of the people in terms of taxes which also augment the economic crisis (AMS Glossary, 2012). The blizzards that are the snow along with strong winds cause a great deal of damage to the existing structures but also puts a stop or halts the work going on to develop the infrastructure which contributes to the development of a country( The Economist, 2009). The infrastructure is very imperative when it comes to the establishment of businesses. Excessive snow can cause substantial damage which would require exorbitant repairs and interrupting business (The Independent, July 23, 2006).

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