The Difference between Business Culture in Saudi Arabia and UK

Saudi Arabia is a South-west Asian kingdom in which Islam is the predominant religion. The Saudi Monarchy that was established in 1992 uses the Sharia law to govern the country, and the Quran is entrenched in the constitution. Entry and exit of foreigners in the kingdom are monitored by the government, and the Islamic laws have to be adhered to regardless of one’s religious background. Governance is authoritative and all aspects of the law are utilized, including business, interpersonal relations, conduct, and observance of personal hygiene among other issues. Crimes are punishable depending on their gravity, and the country is among those that apply capital punishment. In spite of bureaucracy in the management of national affairs, the government has realized the significance of new public management especially as the developed countries continue advancing in technology, which is also useful to the country for improvement in production.Technology is helping the country to accomplish its development goals. Relaxation of trade barriers has been a major development in encouraging foreign investment. The country is collaborating with foreign governments to accomplish its economic goals through favorable business policies. However, restraints are pronounced especially in business, which is attributed to the country’s culture.The Saudi business people are used to conducting business while engaging in a social mood. Business talks may be conducted while the parties involved are in a relaxed mood such as while taking coffee (The Saudi Network, 2009). In many situations, business matters are considered personal and due to the culture of uncertainty avoidance, the business people tend to restrain from making serious arrangements when the potential partner or client has not managed to get into the country. It is considered a risk especially when money is involved. The Saudis are therefore comfortable while dealing with a client face to face. Moreover, the foreigner has to confirm the travel arrangements to ensure that there are no hindrances in the travel plans.

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