The Congress

The accountability and the reliability of the law making organ of the governments largely determine the political situation of a country. Even though the role of the executives and the judiciary are equally important, the law making organs are very crucial. It is vital for the constitution of every country to come up with proper policies that controls the performance of law making organs of the governments.The congress is the United States law making branch of the government. It consists of the house of representatives and the senate. In order to enact a legislation, the consent of both the house of representative and the senate must exist. Even though the two chambers work as a team as far as making of laws is concerned the US constitution grants specific power to each chamber1. For example, the house of representative roles include initiating of bills that are focused at raising the government revenue and cases related to impeachment while the senate is mandated with approving top appointments including presidential position. In addition, the senate makes the necessary decision on the impeachment cases.According to the constitution, congress has the authority to manage and formulate budgetary policies as well as to oversee collection of taxes. Some of the major taxes that the congress collects include excise and imports duties. Congress has also authority to appropriate funds. This power that is granted by the constitution is used as a check on the performance of the executive2. …
In addition, the congress has the power to borrow loans from international financial institutions on behalf of the government. In matters of national defense, the congress has authority to maintain armed forces, make rules applied by the military as well as to declare war. However, there have been critics on this role due to the interference by the executives especially in declaring war. Some of the past presidents have declared war without the consent of the congress. For example, in 1903, when military invaded Panama, Theodore Roosevelt the US president at that time did not seek the consent of the congress. Nevertheless, the congress assent was sought during the world war 1, Spanish-American conflict, World War 2 and Mexican-American War. Congress has the authority to issue copyrights and patents regulations on American based companies. Other important roles of the congress include the establishment of roads and post offices. According to the US constitution, the congress has powers to institute courts of laws that are under the supreme court3. It is also the duty of the congress to ensure that the roles that it makes concerning the foreign powers are effectively carried out and executed. Article four of the US constitution, that deal with the duties of each state and the roles of federal government on the states gives exclusive power to the congress on the admission of states into the united states of America. Even though congress is a legislative making body, it is also entitled to undertake the function of congressional oversight. This entails monitoring, supervision and reviewing of federal activities and policies and implementation of the executive programs. The congress carries out these duties through the congressional committee. Congressional

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