The Concept of Welfare Systems of the UK Netherland and Finland

The essay will look at the way the system is structured, how it works, its advantages and limitations. Identifying the five channels in a welfare system. Since this is a comparative review, it is important to compare the structure with that of the other two countries i.e. Netherlands and Finland. Since there must be strategies laid to ensure the system works, we shall also look at the plans that have been projected towards the success of the system. This section just like the first one will address the structure of the elderly welfare system in the Netherlands. This will encompass the advantages and limitations, its initiation and comparison with the United Kingdom and Finland. Discuss the channels in a welfare system. The steps made towards its success will be discussed in length to establish the loopholes that could have been identified and the way towards addressing them. Finland being a developed country has also adopted the children welfare system aimed at ensuring the children’s well-being. This part will address the way the system is structured in Finland and what the government is doing to ensure the plan succeeds. Comparison with two countries identified earlier. This section will include a brief explanation of the need to have a welfare system to cater for the elderly people with dementia. What are the laid strategies and are the people with dementia always treated in the United Kingdom? How is it done in the Netherlands and Finland? What are the similarities and differences in the way the same is handled in the three countries? What are the reasons behind the presence of the differences identified? Coming up with a thesis statement. The conclusion will look at the comparative review and check whether the issues raised in the introduction have been addressed successfully.

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