The Accounting Systems of the Company

The administration of this Brand Learning Partners includes an operating board comprising six members. Among them are Andy Bird and McEwan who are the Managing Director amp. Founding Partners. The executive team has five members. The Marketing Capability team has around twenty-four staff. There are also two learning directors, six Associate directors and twelve members in the client support team. The other disciplines include the Human Resource capability or support team, business operations support team and other specific consultants. The Finance Department of the Brand Learning Partners company includes Financial Controller, Finance Controller Assistant and four Finance Assistants. The company has been divided into some four clusters. Each finance assistant takes care of the activities of one cluster. The clients are also divided into four clusters under the four finance assistants. The services offered by the company include a good marketing analogy that is tailored to the business needs and culture of the client company. Providing an efficient strategy for a marketing plan, marketing investments, marketing decision making. To train a more focused and integrated marketing personnel. Providing more strong, relevant and distinguished brands which pave way for maximum growth of the client company. Thus the Brand Learning Partners company provides a broad set of services and marketing support to clients at every stage of marketing capability. The skill set areas that are covered by Brand Learning Partners are functional skills.

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