The Access of Education in the United States

The general population should understand the trend and provide proof of whether the trend is justified. The cost of education has increased significantly. The modern-day educational system requires a lot of resources from its consumers. This decreased the attendance rate in academic institutions. The situation is alarming since the number of college dropouts has increased significantly. This has become an issue since the access of education in the United States has been made difficult by the greedy nature of colleges. This trend may be harmful not only to students but to the general population since people with the ability to access education would be minimized thus increasing illiteracy levels (Hoxby 100). With many stakeholders including the government avoiding the issue, the continuity of the trend may be harmful to the educational system. Additionally, the significance of the issue is that the effects of the trend have already been visible on both students and institutions. For instance, employers will be provided with students with low quality education. This would greatly minimize the potential of human resources in the corporate world (Hoxby 100). However, the argument provided may not be influential enough on all the involved stakeholders as some feel they may not be affected by the effects of the trend. In a personal opinion, the trend will affect the quality of education provided in institutions that do not increase its fees. In addition, it would be saddening to witness large numbers of college dropouts as a cause of lack of fees. It would be also harmful to employers if human resources have a low quality education. It is a general assumption that the issue of appreciating college fees in critical in the United States. This is based on that institution and corporate that would be the worst affected by the issue. From this assumption, institutions should put in place measures that are aimed at enlightening the society of the effects of increased college fees. The measures should also be aimed at eradicating the trend.

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