Systems Designs Innovation of Amazon com

This paper illustrates that while the technical part of the information systems such as the internal logic of software is important, the user interface also plays a very important role in determining the success or failure for that matter of the products. Websites, especially ecommerce websites are the epitome information systems graphical user interface design.Behind the website laws hundreds of thousands of beautifully designed code. However, it is not necessarily the source code that matters to the users, it is the graphical user interface. If the information is displayed well, it will determine how useful the product will be to the users who visit the site. Ecommerce websites are like business systems only that in their case, the users are not the employees in a firm, but the public who access it. In designing these systems one has to consider this. In fact, unlike systems used in an organization by the employees, these websites need even better designs because there is no time to train every user to use the website. Not only should they be easy to use and intuitive, they should also be captivating and engaging to the users. Ecommerce sites are becoming very import of modern commerce as the internet is becoming the way to do everything including shopping. In this regard, this design evaluation has chosen to evaluate an ecommerce site. And what better ecommerce site to evaluate that amazon.con which was the first ecommerce site in the world. The site has become a very easy online site and finding things on the site is even easier as the site is designed to guide a user to the items he may need. This has been achieved by the fact that the site groups the products according to category and the links to these groups are placed on the right side column of the site. The users can click on these links to select the products they want. The site also took enough care to make sure that the site does not clamber with items.

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