Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

In deducing, the sampling method used, it will be necessary to define the various sampling methods that we have. Random sampling involves the random selection of a sample from the population. In cluster sampling, selection of samples is in clusters close to each other like households in the same estate. Quota sampling involves selection of samples nonrandom according to a fixed quota. Snowball sampling involves the identifying of samples that meet the criteria for inclusion in a study. Purposive sampling involves sampling with apurposein mind.Availability sampling involves using just the available samples (Trochim Web).In the article by Scott, the population was all Canadian elderly patients with anxiety disorders and clinically significant anxiety symptoms. Quota sampling method selected a sample of 36,984 adults aged 55 years and above who participated in the Canadian Community Health Survey in 2008. The selection of the people in the sample was because of the suitably represented the target population.The actual participants in the study were 12,792 individuals, living in Canada (Scott 792). The researchers cannot generalize it to other populations because the analysis focused on adults aged 55 years and above which are usually the minority in any society.In the Yang study, the population was all adolescents 6 months after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China. Quota sampling selected a sample of 2,463 middle schools and grade 10 students. Their selection was because the sample was a good representative of the population.The actual participants were 2250 students (Yang 45-46). The researchers cannot generalize it to other populations because it did not represent students in all districts as some closed after the earthquake.In the Kirmiziooglu article, the population was all elderly people living in Sivas, Turkey. Cluster sampling selected a research sample of 462 persons. Calculations and close clusters determined the sample. The actual participants were 457 persons (Kirmiziooglu 1028). The researchers cannot generalize it to other populations as it only focused on the elderly.In the Yohannes article, the population was all older patients admitted for further rehabilitation in post-acute-intermediate care. Snowball sampling selected 220 elderly patients. They met the criteria for qualification. The actual participants were 173 patients with a mean of 80 years (Yohannes 1143). The researchers cannot generalize it to other populations as it only focused on the elderly who are the minority in society.In the Batelaan article, the population was the general Dutch population. Snowball sampling selected 7076 participants. The people in the sample met the criteria for selection. The actual participants were 5618 people (Batelaan 57). The researchers can generalize the study to other populations as the sample almost represented the entire population in all aspects.

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