SWOT Analysis Report

The Agency’s top management uniquely governs the Agency through a voting process, strengthening the relationship between the agency and the people it serves This practice has endeared the agency to the people because they feel part of the Agency themselves and hence their steadfast loyalty to the Agency. They select leaders through the ­County public health department to ensure that the people placed in the top management are competent enough to carry out the Agency’s mandate.The Agency is associated with many school districts. It has established a strong school lunch program for instance. The Agency is ahead of the curve on health information technology as a result of being actively involved in major health research and medical sciences in general especially due to the presence of a University. (ASU, U of A, NAU)The widespread nature of the agency has contributed to its popularity to the public and other organizations are very willing to be associated with the Agency. Due to their popularity, the agency has received support through the revision of resources to fund its projects. Some companies include the pharmaceutical companies in Scottsdale. The number of resources the Agency has is an added advantage to the agency (Maricopa County Department of Public Health, 2012).Moreover, most of the Agency’s branches have ecological environments that are ideal for agriculture to take place. Some federal regional offices situated at Phoenix, which is a clean city, with clean air. They also have a favorable climate with ideal weather 9 months per year for the Agency to carry out various outdoor and recreation activities. This has resulted in the establishment of major sports teams.The company also benefits from having a passionate public health workforce. ­

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