Summer Program in Environmental Health (SUPEH) Internship

Under a well designed program, these competencies can be obtained to the topmost levels. Considering my participation in various clubs, societies and organization activities, working with practitioners in Environmental health will help on horning competences in the field.Through voluntary work, I have been able to connect to the society and real world experience. Through various organizations, several aspects of environmental health initiatives are visible. At the Kaiser Permanente Health Center, we focused on the development in health care and its impact on societies and economies as well as the health and wellness of individuals, family and community. Here, it becomes clear that accessibility and affordability of health care to the society improves the living conditions and standards of a society in general. Healthy individuals, families and societies are productive as well as empowered. They, therefore, help in boosting the environment and economy of where they live. It is interesting to examine, assess and provide a solution in this line environmental health concern. Some of the important technical skills’ application areas in this involve food protection as well as water quality, especially in less developed areas.Another area of voluntary services involved the Local Engagement against Poverty. This program is organized by The Center for Leadership and Volunteerism. The center is a clearinghouse for volunteer service, matching community organizations and agencies with student volunteers and organizations through volunteer fairs and placements. The Center also works to support student-led service organizations as well. The Center works to provide students with volunteer opportunities in the community. It is here that I found a variety of ways for connecting with local non-profits and student organizations that play a role in making our city a place to live and learn.The final voluntary

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