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Reflection on Analysis The of historic contribution of older civilizations has always astonished me. The classroom session concerning the humanistic contribution of prehistoric, Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations was valuable in terms of gaining knowledge. The instructor has surely done the best to inform all the students in the class to understand the contributions. The manner of grouping students and then reviewing all the contributions in a systematic manner is a valuable experience that I will not forget. However, I would rather suggest that the materials and mediums used to understand about the contributions could have been creative. I have heard a lot about the communicative material way of learning i.e. the students can contribute through speech while learning. The discussion session is considerably the most fruitful manner of learning since the students would be able to recall the reasons posed by peers back to back (Moorey 16). Also, the contributions of different civilizations could not have been discussed more effectively than by writing about it. The essay was yet another extension to the experience of learning session in the classroom. It has also helped me in writing the experience in the shape of points. Overall, my experience in the classroom was very effective. Especially, the contributions of the Egyptians were quiet interesting to know during the learning session. I would not just limit my experience of learning the contributions of different civilizations to myself but I would also like to continue researching about it. Finally, I would suggest that the classroom session must have discussion and speech to recall the contributions effectively. Works CitedMoorey, Peter. Ancient Mesopotamian Materials and Industries: The Archaeological Evidence. New York: Eisenbrauns, 1999. Print.

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