Study abroad

in a new country with new people means that you would have to leave your culture, food, language, attire, and way of living to adopt the host country’s way of living (DuFon amp. Churchill, pp. 74-85, 2006).People who have strong associations which their culture, family, friends and surroundings may find it the most difficult part of their live to adjust in a new environment. Moreover, studying abroad requires huge amount of investment and is quite expensive. Many students live alone in the new country thus increasing their cost of living to a further limit. However, this paper aims at proving that the benefits of studying abroad outweigh the costs associated with it. The rest of this paper would attempt the same by presenting a few supporting points.The biggest advantage associated with studying abroad is that it provides an excellent opportunity to the students to learn English in an entirely different way. Important here to note is that the majority of the students who decide to study abroad take the tickets for countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden or other western countries (Byram amp. Feng, pp. 14-19, 2006). Clearly, the dominant language in all these countries is English and this gives the foreign students to learn this language from the native speakers of English language. Research has shown that even the poorest speakers of English language, when live for quite some time in a western environment, showed considerable improvement at their skills of speaking and understanding the language. Experts say that there is no better way to learn anything but through constant practice and repetition. Living with new people and surrounded by them makes you learn that new language on the same mentioned principle.Important here to note is that education is not just for the sake of it. The most important goal of education remains to prepare and equip students with tools, approaches and knowledge, skills and abilities that can help them

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