Streetcar named desire

number Stella’s Role in the play a streetcar d Desire In a large part of the play, Stella Kowalski is presented rather as an object or a mere prize to be won than as a person. However, she is actively involved in the play. It is with this that her character I highlighted and her role truly brought out from the play. This is in the sense that her relations with two other characters in the play helps to bring out a major characteristic. As the wife to Stanley Kowalski and the sister to Blanche Dubois she is in a position to bridge two very important functions in the play. She plays an active role as a bridge between the two worlds since she appears to be the only solution towards peace. It is brought out by her personality from the past where she has combined two worlds. She does not allow her acceptance for Stanley to dilute her refined nature from Belle Reve. She also does not let her upbringing deter her from enjoying life.She is also directly engaged with Blanche DuBois who is her sister. This is especially in the scene where he tells her that she has been given time off from her job as an English teacher by her supervisor as a result of her upset nerves. According to her claims It is a result of their lost ancestral Southern plantation owing to the engagement in fornications by their ancestors. However, the reality is that she has been fired as a result of her relationship with a seventeen year old student. Stella thus plays the role of calming her sister whose world has become filled by fantasies and illusions. Her main role in relation to their engagement is to bring her sister to reality and thus instead of appearing as a price or an object, she is reflected as a helpful person whose efforts are highly relevant in the play.She is additionally actively engaged with Stanley who is her husband by whom she is completely dominated over as well as abused physically and emotionally. This brings out her character that is controlled by her primal behavior. It is in the way that she is able to tolerate all this animal-like behavior since it is the aspect that she was initially attracted to in the form of the sexual chemistry. It is brought about by their powerful love and relationship. It is this attitude that makes Blanche not able to understand. In this relation, the argument that Stanley and Stella have in scene 3 is caused by the insistence of Blanche to play the radio. In this, she demonstrates the influence of her sister by using her exact words drunk — drunk — animal thing, you! (Williams Scene 3).In general Stella acts as the pivot point and mediator in the glaring contrast that exists between her husband and her sister. She thus plays a vital role in bringing out the main theme in the play. It is in the sense that since these two worlds are so much in diameter that they cannot meet, Stella is created in the p[lay to help them meet. She brings them together and creates the encounter between both of them. An opportunity is thus created through her to bring two opposing worlds that exist under the same roof together.Although this may sound like the creation of a mere object that only needs to fulfill its functions, there are a number of roles that she performs owing to her strong personality.Works CitedWilliams, Tennessee. A Streetcar Named Desire. Introduction and text. Oxford: Heinemann Educational Publishers, 1995. Print.

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