Strategies Tools And Techniques For Marketing Success

The company was accused of leaking pesticide into a nearby water body and thereby polluting the environment. According to the press report ‘Federation of Fertilizers and Pesticides Makers’ fought this case for pest u like, as the company has a subscription with this organization. The company tries to follow the European guidelines as far as working time is concerned. But it is such a company where the type of management is autocratic with the managing director usually taking all the major decisions in the operations of the company. As a result, the workforce of the company is hardly involved in any decision-making process of the company. The management usually does not consult with the workforce before making any decisions. All the procedures and roles are measured in the company. Most importantly this style has resulted in enhanced productivity of pesticides in the past. But unfortunately a section of the employees was not happy with the system and this has resulted in industrial sabotage. Moreover, there is a high attrition rate in the company. Fortunately, this event of employee attrition does not seem to affect the company too much because the factory of the company has its location in such a place where the unemployment rate is quite high. Furthermore, there was another important factor called recession which resulted in an increase in available candidates who could be employed in the organization. In the last year, there was a sharp decline in the volume of pesticides which were produced. As a result, the management of the company is under pressure. Now it is important to find out the areas where the company management made mistakes. Various strategic models are used in this paper in order to find these areas.

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