Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

The report expounds on the description of the product and services offered by the shop and its unique selling point. The marketing mix along with the customer segmentation also gets described to explain who the shop targets and how it builds its brand awareness. Finally, the report concludes with the financial area of the business, explaining the shop’s financial plan and its credit policies.
For ages certain things have not changed, some people still have issues in buying gifts, especially flowers for their girlfriends, fiancées, and wives (Reid &amp. Bojanic, 2009). But, while other things do not change, fortunately, some change like technology that makes the gift-giving process much easier. The Red White and Bloom is certain that the opportunity to use technology in making it easier for people to buy custom flower arrangements along with delivery on the days they determine in advance. Red White and Bloom is a flower shop that I started, and I am the majority owner. The company targets the executive business people in the high street in London for each upscale, Frequent Lower Gift Program and long term. The Red White and Bloom differ from other traditional florists through cultivating personal relationships by using delivery services, technology and giving the Gift program that making the buying of flowers easy. Thus, this report explains further the aims of the business, its environment, product description and the market mix along with its consumer segmentation and financial area.
Red White and Bloom aim at using technology to enhance the delivery program and identify along with serving the ideal target audience within the high street in London. The company uses sophisticated marketing techniques in securing a core executive business people clientele and corporate accounts along with differentiating from other traditional and online florists. The company differentiates itself through the delivery program, Frequent Flower Gift Programs, and custom floral designs.

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