Strategic Human Resource Management in Organizations

The enhancement of productivity of any organization would be facilitated through the utilization of human resources effectively and strategically. With the changes in the world in the form of globalization and liberalization, the element of competition increased tremendously and the business enterprises have to compete with global pace. There have been several instances where the firms which enjoyed superior status in the earlier period had to vanish due to the element of competition resulted from the phenomenon of globalization. This requires them to formulate strategic human resource management strategies so that they can come up with innovative products that compete well with other market players. However, this requires the inculcation of teamwork, dynamic leadership, structure, style, skill up-gradation and other important parameters like creativity and ecological consciousness. Teamwork is essential for bringing more accuracy of the final product and in infusing the feeling of coherence and attachment. Dynamic leadership assists in providing able guidance and efficient monitoring of the key operations of any organization. Moreover, it results in the continuous motivation of the employees. Ideal structure and up gradation of advanced skills also aim in enhancing the overall efficiency of the organization. The strategic business management helps in infusing all these elements into the organizational structure and strategies and hence contributes tremendously to organizational productivity. Strategic business management is a complex process which is continuous in nature and it gets evolved constantly and hence increases the industrial output significantly. Moreover, the use of communication processes facilitates two-way communication process as part of strategic human resource management.

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