A deep yearning for perfection constantly stirs my motivation, and coupled with my commitment, it keeps pushing me through new thresholds of research and study. Therefore, to embark upon a path of continued education and development I became an active member of the Taiwan Marketing Society. This offered me a platform for further studies and enabled me to carry out research. I have thus, together with other members, been able to submit several research papers in a variety of topics. I have chosen to apply for a PhD in Marketing because of my continued interest and involvement with this area of study, and I believe I have much to contribute to this area of research and its impact. Should my application be accepted, I am keen to join this programme as early as possible, latest by Autumn of 2007.
I wished to make a substantial contribution in my field through writing and research and this is motivated me for the PhD programme. This is what encouraged and motivated me to study harder, and more importantly, to study smarter. I earned many awards and distinctions during my studies at Switzerland. My areas of studies were in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry and in a broader context, in the service sector and consumer behaviours. I did a Diploma in Hotel Operation from Hospitality College, Lausanne, Switzerland and a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Hotel &amp. Tourism from International Hotel and Tourism College, Lucerne, Switzerland. Since my return to my country of origin, I have completed my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Global Marketing Groups from National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. I have chosen to study Marketing for the Ph.D. program, because of my continued interest in, and involvement with this area of study, I have chosen to apply for entrance to the Ph.D. Marketing Program,

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